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sho fixing a tile before aiba steps on it.

is sho, aiba’s PA or something? like he carries aiba’s clothes, picks him up to work, finishes the laundry, reserves for a massage, and now fixes the floor for him. nice.

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So handsome! 

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PV MAKING favorite part: Jun's laugh
    plus Ohno's "MATSUMOTO!"
    © KnH

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making off

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Completely meaningless You’re faraway, on other side
Being manipulated by you Up to imaging
Now, it feels like something is missing Imaging-Imaging Crazy// Ohno Satoshi

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

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1 2 3 4 Let’s get on! This world is beautiful
Don’t worry about the small stuff Try looking at it from space Hey yeah!
5 6 7 8 Feel it! Vivid, unique, feelin’ good
Let’s make the world go around again today Hey yeah!

-Hey Yeah!//Sho Sakurai

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

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  Oh shake it, shake your body 
Shake it, shake your body

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Hearing the cheers around me, I felt the wind at my back
Going anywhere together I’ll give you an amazing performance

STAY GOLD//Matsumoto Jun

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

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the greatest idol group in the world


the greatest idol group in the world

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